The Herd

This page is dedicated to the critters owned by Mollie. Some of them (no, not the dog) may be available for sale. Please contact Mollie if you are interested in learning more about any of them.


“Dora” is a 2010 lusitano-holsteiner mare bred by Sasha Dow. Dora is working hard at dressage but also enjoys trail riding and jumping. She is currently schooling third level. Mollie is looking forward to what this fancy youngster has in her future!


Rosie is Mollie’s Doberman. Rosie was born in February of 2013 and was adopted while Mollie was in Florida for the winter from a rescue there. Rosie enjoys days at the barn, hiking, and playing with her eclectic collection of balls and toys. Mollie enjoys training horses and Rosie alike. If Mollie comes to teach you, Rosie will most likely accompany her. Rosie is exceptionally friendly and would love nothing more than to crawl into your lap.